Our values

From Permaculture to a mission-driven company

A positive and lasting impact

Oranga is a mission-driven company whose objective is to have a positive and lasting impact on individuals and companies through the organization of stays and events.

Each small step taken to protect our biodiversity and take care of ourselves while respecting planetary limits is an important act. We are committed to it.

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Our commitments

Engage in Permaculture

  • Creation of a vegetable garden in the shape of a Mandala for our annual vegetables
  • Realization of an edible forest garden for our perpetual fruits and vegetables
  • 3 wells and 1 rainwater collector
  • Sorting and composting our waste

Preserving environment

  • Plantation of several hundred trees and shrubs on our park
  • Provision of environmentally friendly shower gels, shampoos and hand soaps
  • Cooking with organic products, local as much as possible and vegetarian

Reduce our carbon footprint

    • Energy renovation of our buildings
    • Promotion of carpooling or the train for our groups

Welcoming people with reduced mobility (PRM) and promoting reintegration

  • A room in the Barn and toilets adapted to PMR in the Shala
  • Ground floor of our Barn and Shala accessible to PMR
  • Support for our linen by a local reintegration company

Our commitments

  • Top-of-the-range wellness breaks

  • 100% secure payment via the CIC bank

  • Payment methods : Visa, Mastercard & bank transfer

  • Do you have a question? Write to us at hello@oranga.org

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