Rejuvenating sound and energy massages

Escape massages

You will receive your treatments in our massage room which faces the outdoor swimming pool.

Enjoy a moment of relaxation and intense relaxation to enjoy the maximum benefits offered by your stay.

Sound massage

110 Euros. Duration: 75 Minutes

An incomparable sound journey taking you into a zone of semi-consciousness and total letting go. You feel your tensions unravel, your body relax deeply listening to the sound vibrations of the therapeutic bowls and tuning forks used during your treatment. We follow a special protocol aimed first at freeing you from your toxins and your tensions, then we carry out a global re – energization and then finish with a rebalancing of your energies. If you suffer from particular pain or tension, we adjust our treatment to your needs.

Ayurvedic massage

90 Euros. Duration: 60 Minutes

A relaxation massage par excellence based on Traditional Indian Medicine, which releases nervous and muscular tensions that hinder the circulation of your energy in your body. This massage alleviates back, lumbar or cervical pain thanks to the work on the relaxation of the joints and the spine. Each massage is adapted to your type of dosha (the tendency of your biological energy).

Our commitments

  • Top-of-the-range wellness breaks

  • 100% secure payment via the CIC bank

  • Payment methods : Visa, Mastercard & bank transfer

  • Do you have a question? Write to us at hello@oranga.org

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